An Finger

“Mom, you should put a little ‘things away. Try this baby home,” Mark said our son like him heavily on the stairs followed by his wife, Kim, and fifteen months, Hannah. Visit the Feast Day of Thanksgiving, he finished unloading the luggage and took him to a room downstairs. After driving all day from Salt Lake Ft Collins showed his temperament. “This is a finger rule may work with the twins, but was never Hannah,” he insisted. During the four-day stay, we helped Hannah to remember “one finger” rule. He learned quickly. I just put up things that might be a danger to the child. Otherwise, looked at her closely and nothing appeared to be damaged. In addition to “things” can be replaced. When my three grandchildren were born four months apart and the twins moved into our home in eight months, my friend offered me her secret to entertaining grandchildren with few accidents. “Teach them the rule the’one finger ‘.” All the five grandchildren he has learned at a young age. The success of the method surprised me. I took my little son and said, “Well, Mark, you just watch.” I kissed him and went around the hall. “Hannah, can you touch anything in the room you want. But you can only use one finger. “I have shown the technique by touching my forefinger to the African sculpture on the mantle. Hannah followed my example.” Good girl. Now, what else would you feel? ” He held his finger to another object on the mantle. I allowed to touch everything in sight, plants, glassware, TV, VCR, lamps, speakers, candles and artificial flowers. If she began to recover, gently reminded her to use a finger. She always delivers. But Hannah, an only child, had an adventurous personality UO. Her father predicted that prevent you from accepting the “finger” rule. During the four-day stay, we helped Hannah to remember “one finger” rule. He learned quickly. I just put up things that might be a danger to the child. Otherwise, looked at her closely and nothing appeared to be damaged. In addition to “things” can be replaced. A couple of fingerprint glass doors, windows and tables remained after Hannah and her family returned home. I could not clean them for days. Each one reminded me of the wonderful experiences of Hannah. A few months later, my husband and I drove to Salt Lake, I watched Mark and Kim continue to practice the rule of a single finger. But I refrained from saying “I told you so.” But I smiled inside each time they pushed Hannah contact with “one finger.” Mark, a salesman, has always given a package of gifts to potential customers. The night before our return, Mark sat on the floor stuffing gifts into their packages. Hannah helped. So she took a gift, he held in his hand as if it were a bird fragile, and walked towards me. On my knees, so her beautiful blue eyes in mine. She handed the prize to me and said, “One finger, Nana!” Published at:

Information at the Tip of Your Finger

It may be too much to say, but the evidence are pouring, that slowly, Internet is replacing what the books and tangible reading materials can provide. Fewer students go to the library and research on hard-bound books and more students are buying their own personal computers to use for researching. Books and references are perceived to be more reliable compared to online researching but then going to the libraries are time consuming that nobody would want to spend the rest of their day just sitting in one corner and take down notes. We now live in a world where everything is instant, even education. It is mandatory then that when learning, the proper way is to do it at school and if not, at least hire a professional tutor to teach you at home. Although these practices are still being observed today, another option to gain education has been added. Online education can now be enjoyed. But then again, online education does not necessarily mean that we should be getting our education in the Internet. It also means that people can now resort to online to get extra knowledge. Take ISEE prep and LSAT prep for example. Instead of hiring someone to teach you with what you should do during these admission exams, you can now do it on your own. There are sites that offer ISEE prep test to guide you with the questions. Same is true with LSAT prep. Law school is hard and books are way to expensive, but with the aid of online education, it would be less complicated than it would be. Diverse people are also nesting in the pages of the Internet and if you have questions, the possibility that you may stumble upon an expert that could answer your queries is very big. That is additional knowledge for you. And because online is manipulated through computers, which seemed to have a mind of their own, we won’t have difficulty scanning every page unlike books that we have to go through the table of contents page first before we can find what exactly we are looking for. The internet already does that for you, sifting through the pages to give you relevant choices according to what you asked for. The problem with online education is that there are too many sources available. Because there are too many of them, contradicting as well as confusing ideas may come out of the open and you may find it hard to decide which source is reliable and which one is there just to give you a headache. With all the advantage of the computer, the responsibility of how should we allow the information it gives to penetrate in our minds lays in our hands. Not everything the computer feed us is factual. The world is changing and we can never tell what invention can dethrone the computers. Or will there ever be a new invention to look forward to. It doesn’t matter though. What is important is that we learn. Today, it is online education. Tomorrow, let us wait and see. Published at:

What is a Broken Finger

A broken finger is among the most common type of injury any athlete can have in his entire career. Any impact to the finger will usually result to a break or fracture on any of the three small fingers of the hand(s). The pain experienced by the patient will vary depending on the damages done to the extremities. In most cases, taping the finger is important in order to promote proper healing and alignment which are vital for good recovery. Regular individuals are also prone to this injury as any impact on the fingers can cause this problem. Accidental bumping into an object will result to the jarring of the extremities which in return would result to an injury. Most people would find it uncomfortable to bend or straighten the affected finger when in this type of situation. This condition hinders a person from performing his or her best in either occupational or athletic purposes. As soon as you have incurred the injury, immediately seek medical help and get it x-rayed or scanned with MRI to determine the extent of the damage. Preventive measures should also be taken in order to avoid adding more problems to the situation. Bracing or taping the injury would give enough support for the finger while resting and immobilizing for a period of time. Buddy strapping is also a good idea as it provides extra support from the other finger. It is not advisable for a person to use his affected hand for a while as this would aggravate the problem. Weight bearing should be avoided as it can really have an impact on your condition as well as with the recovery process. Inflammation is usually controlled using cold therapy. Apply an ice pack on top of the affected area to reduce the swelling of the finger. This process can also aid in providing relief from the pain. Avoid placing ice directly on top of the skin as it can cause burns and discoloration. In case there is bleeding, elevation is necessary in order to stop the continuous dripping of blood. Elevate the finger above the heart in order to prevent the bleeding process. Cold therapy also stops the blood from flowing out. In most cases, allowing the fracture to rest while on the buddy strap is enough to heal the injury. The body has the amazing ability of repairing itself after an injury has set in especially when you are giving it the right medication, treatment, and rehabilitation program. A minimum of 4 weeks is needed in order to allow a broken finger(s) to heal and rejuvenate itself. Serious cases though require more than the normal treatment procedures, especially when the tendons, muscle tissues, and nerves are affected. In such situations, surgery would be required in order to properly recover from the injury. Although the use of surgery in most of the injuries is quite rare, most of the athletes require this type of treatment in order to get back in their game as quickly as possible. Published at:

Baking Finger Foods

It was our turn to organize the annual block party this year. The responsibility of organizing is rotated from one home to next. We live across street from a lake and the 12 homes along the one mile stretch of the lake attend the party. I found some very good material about this topic at The host and hostess supply the food and beverages. So, this year we decided to offer finger foods. With finger foods we can prepare them early and can enjoy the block party day by visiting with out neighbors. Many recipe books that have numerous finger foods recipes are at my home. These recipes ranged from savory items to sweets. Normally, the party starts at around 3 and lasts till 7 in the evening, so we wanted to offer food that would be good enough and equivalent to a meal. Many children also attend the party, so we wished to have food they even the children would enjoy having. In preparation of the event, my husband and me procured the necessary ingredients for the recipes we wished to make several ahead of the event. We bought bread for sandwiches, different kinds of cold cuts and chesses, ingredients for dips, spreads and salsas to compliment the finger foods. The sandwiches were prepared, cut into triangles and arranged on platters to be put up near the gathering area. Large plates of fresh vegetable with a variety of dips were prepared and put with the spreads for crackers. Sweet finger foods had a number of bars and cookies which I prepared well ahead and had frozen them until the big day. For children hot dogs and stick ice cream treats were offered as finger foods. Our gazebo area was filled and adorned by streamers and balloons. Lawn chairs laid out in several patterns beside the lake. Some were put in the sun and others in the shade so as to seat each of our guests. It was fun filled and wonderful for everyone to move from one place to other and at the same time munch food. Since we did not have to call everyone for a meal there was more time to spend together. Finger food were liked by all and even became an item that many said they would serve when their turn arrives to host the event. After the party was over, not much was needed in cleaning and the small amount of food left could be easily stored. I think we have started a new trend that will be definitely adopted by others for future block party gatherings and will eventually become a tradition. Published at:

All About Finger Pulse Oximeters

Creating a healthy environment for your family and for your patients begins with the right equipment – like finger pulse oximeters. These small, portable devices allow you to determine the oxygen levels in the blood of the patient, which can help to rule out numerous conditions when there is an emergent situation. When time is of the essence, a finger pulse oximeter can be the best way to determine if medical intervention is necessary – and how quickly it needs to be summoned. What These Devices Do: When you use finger pulse oximeters, you’re measuring the amount of oxygen in the body and then seeing the results as a measurement of a percentage. The normal percentage of oxygen in the bloodstream should be over 94%, meaning that your bloodstream should be carrying a fair amount of oxygen at any given time. This makes sense. As your blood moves through your body, it is supposed to transport everything from fuel in to wastes out, so if your blood isn’t getting the oxygen it needs to transport, parts of your body will be affected. At the same time, a finger pulse oximeter is also taking a measurement of your pulse, or your heartbeat. While a normal pulse rate can vary widely, depending on your mood and your condition, anything that’s over 110 without any exertion is considered to be abnormal and something that should be closely watched. Situations in Which a Finger Pulse Oximeter is Necessary: If you’re working in a medical office or in a setting where you might need to monitor the health of others, it’s a safe bet that finger pulse oximeters are going to be available already – or at least, they should be. By periodically monitoring the oxygen levels of your charges, you can attend to subtle changes before they become emergent. If you are caring for those who are unable to tell you when things hurt or when they feel ill, a finger pulse oximeter can do the work for them, alerting you to do something for them. There are also medical conditions that might call for the use of a finger pulse oximeter for monitoring oxygen levels: cancers, lung troubles, asthma, allergies, etc. Whenever someone might be have troubles breathing, you want to make sure they are getting enough oxygen in their bloodstream – if not, they will need assistance with breathing or perhaps additional oxygen from a tank and tubing. While you might never need finger pulse oximeters, if you have someone with a medical condition in your family, it never hurts to be prepared. Many first aid instructors will also recommend purchasing these small health monitors as they can help when you are away from medical facilities – like when you are camping. Even though finger pulse oximeters aren’t going to provide medical care, it does help you monitor a patient until help arrives. And when that help arrives, you will be able to tell them what you’ve seen on the monitor, helping to advance the care they will give. Published at:

Buying Litho Printing on the Internet

There are two ways to obtain litho printing. You can go down to your favorite local printer or franchised print shop. But many are obtaining printing online. There are pros and cons to buying printing online. I will run through a few.

Like buying anything online, you can do it in your PJ’s at home in your favorite comfortable chair or in your cubical at work. Its at your finger tips. You can literally do it a few minutes. All that is needed is to find the product that you want printed, fill out a short form and upload the file and your ready to print. Its more convenient than going down to your printer and getting the same thing done.

The second benefit is the expense. The cost is less because if you have many people buying the same item at the same time, the printer can run them all ganged together. This saves the cost of setting up each individual project on the press.

There are always cons with the pros. Number one is, if you print many projects at the same time the quality is sacrificed. Of course, they wouldn’t be around if they didn’t give you a quality printed piece. So, the problem comes when when you try to print a particular color. There is no way for a printer to specifically match 48 or 50 different postcards printing at the same time. Its very time consuming. What they will do is take a particular set of fundamentals and apply them to all the projects.

They also only have a limited number of paper alternatives. This helps keeps the price down. Most of the time, you will have 5 to 7 paper types. For most people that will be enough. If you want a specific paper you can always get a custom order with your paper option.

When its all done, you should be able to to get your litho printing project done online at a good, decent price, without losing too much quality.

Tim has been in the printing world for over 30 years and enjoys sharing insights and resources at: Litho Printing [] Blog

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Caribbean Living – A Guide to Buying Property in St Lucia

You may have read my previous article “Time to Buy Property in St Lucia” and decided to purchase your first villa or plot of land in the paradise island of St Lucia. This article will provide you with the knowledge to make the actual buying process as streamlined as possible.

Once you have identified your ideal property in St Lucia and had your offer accepted the first thing you need to do is appoint a lawyer, practising on the island, to handle the legal aspects of your purchase. Your Real Estate Agent may be able to recommend a lawyer however also seek the recommendations of others before making this important decision. The legal fees for a property purchase transaction will usually range from 3% to 5% of the purchase price but it is always worth negotiating this fee. Many lawyers may request 50% of their total fee at the start of the transaction. In addition stamp duty on property is 2% of the total purchase price.

Once appointed the first thing your lawyer should do is to review the Sales & Purchase agreement which you, the purchaser, will be required to sign to kick off the purchase. The agreement will cover the terms and main conditions of the sale i.e. description of the property or land, price, deposit and closing date for the sale. The deposit specified will usually be 10% of the total purchase price. Furthermore the agreement will contain a number of conditions that must be met prior to the transaction being completed, such as the granting of an Alien Landholding License (ALL) to you the purchaser (more about the ALL below.) If in the very unusual situation you were not granted a license then the agreement should clearly specify that your deposit will be returned to you.

An Alien Land Holding License is required by all non – St Lucian citizens to legally purchase property or land on the island. This license is granted for a specific property or plot of land and does not require renewal. The total fees required in applying for and being issued a license is $6,500 ECD. The overall application process can take between two and three months. Your lawyer will explain the whole application process to you and help you complete some of the more generic parts of the application forms. Before submitting the application your lawyer will also request the following list of items to accompany the submission of the ALL application form:

o One full set of finger prints
o Police Certificate / Record of good character from your usual country of residence
o Four (4) passport sized photos (coloured)
o Bankers’ Reference
o Personal Reference
o Certified copy of passport (coloured)

Fingerprinting and the police record are historically the most difficult to obtain in a timely manner and are the first things that should be applied for on return to your usual country of residence. If time permits it would normally be easier to obtain the finger prints in St Lucia before your departure.

Once the ALL has been approved and the official confirmation received your lawyer will request the balance of the purchase funds. Your lawyer will then arrange for the property to be registered in your name at the Land Registry Department. It is only following this registration that the deed of sale can be finalised by your lawyer, signed by you the purchaser and the process brought to a close.

The end to end process, from the time you sign the initial Sales and Purchase agreement, to the signing of the deed of sale could take up to four months. The longest element will be Alien Landholding License application process.

Finally it is worth discussing with your lawyer the merits of forming an Alien Company to purchase your property. By forming an alien company you could reduce your future potential tax liability on any resale. For example if you purchase the property as an individual you would be required to pay a vendor’s tax of 10% as a non St Lucian national. On the other hand, if you form an alien company to buy the property you only attract a vendor’s tax of ½%. There will however be an additional alien company set-up fee of about $3,500 ECD.

The author, John Quail, together with his wife Ann Maria, is the owner of Horizon Property Management & Investment in St.Lucia, which has been established to assist purchasers, existing homeowners and developers to maximise the potential from property within St. Lucia. Further information about property in St. Lucia can be obtained at []

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Choosing the Best Paper Stock For Quality Color Printing

Choosing the best paper for printing your promotional, advertising, sales, and marketing literature can be confusing. What’s the best paper for my business card, marketing postcards, flyers and brochures? What the difference between coated and uncoated papers? If you buy printing services you should know the answers to these questions.

There are lots of online printing services. Many offer different weight papers with different finishes as their standard “house” paper. It is not necessary for most print buyers to know how paper weights are figured. It is important for you to know which paper weight and finish to choose for the best possible quality printing.

The paper you choose determines the correctness of color, the brightness, the sharpness as well as the tactile (feel) of the final printed job. Choosing a light weight paper will probably cost a little less, but it will also feel cheap. If you are printing business cards, postcards, rack cards or anything requiring a card stock your best choice for expressing high quality printing is heavy 14 pt or even heavier 16 pt card stock that is gloss coated on both sides. Coated stock is referred to as “C1S” meaning coated one side, C2S indicates the coating is on both sides. Coated paper is made with a finely polished clay. The advantage of clay coating is that the ink sits on top of the paper rather than, as with uncoated paper, where the inks is absorbed into the fiber. There are generally two type of coatings available- gloss and silk which is not a shiny as gloss. If a less glossy matte / dull finish is preferable then choose matte / dull aqueous coating. Since matte / dull coating does not reflect as much light as gloss UV it may be more appropriate for a more conservative presentation.

If you are printing cards and want the brightest, glossy printing you should choose glossy card stock with UV coating. UV coating is a liquid laminate that seals the ink underneath and protects the card from finger printing, scratching and scuffing. One word of warning, if you plan to mail or write one side of a postcard, it is best to choose UV coating on one side and no coating, matte or spot UV coating on the side use for mailing or writing. Gloss laminate UV coating makes it difficult to address, stamp or imprint.

If you are printing flyers, brochures, booklets or any promotional literature requiring a lighter quality paper then 100 LB gloss book weight is your best choice for a high quality printed look. This weight paper does not curl, has minimum show through and feels expensive, even though it’s not. UV coating is also available for many projects requiring 100 LB gloss paper.

Most book weight papers are also available in a matching cover weights. If you would like a heavier paper than 100 LB gloss book weight but 14 or 16 Pt is too heavy or you need a stiffer cover on a multi-page booklet or catalog then your best choice is matching 100 LB cover weight.

There are certainly other good papers you can use, but these were chosen because they are the most common used by online gang run printers. Gang run printing is combining many jobs using the same paper and quantities on one large “parent” sheet with all participants sharing the cost of the press run. Paper stocks can be the hardest to shop for but you should invest a lot of time and thought into choosing your paper stock. Usually the most costly part of the printing job is the paper stock. Choosing the wrong paper stock can be costly and time consuming. Because of this, paper stock becomes an important factor when printing marketing materials and when considering what printing company to choose. Bottomline, remember although price is important, value is even more important.

Doug Graves has been working in the printing industry as an expert sales and marketing executive for over 20 years. Presently head of sales and marketing, he is now also using his years of experience as a consultant and freelance writer for Color Printing Pros, a top online printing services leader. They are committed to the best valued QUALITY and SERVICE and CHEAP PRICES!

Price may be important but value is the essential. For free samples and more information about quality color printing services, go to:

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Caring For Framed And Unframed Canvas Prints – 7 Tips To Keep In Mind

Whether your canvas prints are framed or unframed, they will need proper care if you want them to look good for years to come. Well maintained photos on canvas can last up to 5 decades or more. It is important to be careful with the surface of the picture.

If your prints are not stretched on canvas and are not framed, you have to be more careful with them. The sides and corners of unframed canvas wall art can become damaged because there is no frame protecting it. But many people like hanging unframed prints to make them look more modern.

Here are general rules to follow ensure the safety and care of your photos on canvas whether they are framed or not:

1) Wear clean white cotton gloves when handling the canvas to avoid finger prints on the surface of the picture. If you don’t have gloves, you can carefully hold the prints on the edges of the stretched canvas or on the corners of loose canvas prints.

2) Avoid creases and folding loose canvas by keeping them rolled up in a cylinder. If they are stretched, avoid denting the canvas by accidentally hitting them on objects. In case the canvas does get dented, you can moisten the dented part with a wet white rag dipped in clean water. When the canvas dries it will shrink back and the dent will disappear.

3) Don’t wipe dust or dirt off the canvas surface to prevent scratches. Use a feather duster to remove dust and spot clean the dirty parts without spreading the dirt to the rest of the canvas.

4) If you need to store your stretched canvas prints, wrap them in acid free material and let them stand against a wall. Do not place anything heavy on them even if they are stretched on wooden frames to prevent deforming them.

5) Canvas wall art are safest hanging on a wall whether they are framed or unframed. Gallery wrapped canvas look good enough to hang even without a frame.

6) If you do need to store them, you should put them in a room that isn’t humid, too hot or cold. Avoid exposing your canvas prints to direct sunlight or other types of light that emit UV rays. UV rays can make colors fade and make your photos look dull and old. Make sure there are no small insects, termites or molds in the storeroom.

7) If you decide to have your canvas prints framed, you should consider getting them pre-framed at the art store you buy the prints from. They can do it professionally and eliminate the risk of damaging your artwork. Sometimes they offer free framing services.

Find a wide collection of canvas wall art [] at and discoverer countless choices of wall art [].

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